Friday, August 12, 2011

"Slap a bumblebee on it and call it good!"

Well here I am!
An official blog to 'journalize' my life as I professional baker. I suppose this is some way to further leave something behind in my life that says "I WAS HERE". As cliche as that sounds, it probably is what this site is designed to do!
See, as a baker you spend your whole life making delicious creations and desserts that definitely leave an impression on people, but the moment is fleeting, as your creation is swiftly and soundly devoured in sweet ecstasy. Not exactly a way to leave a lasting mark in the world for generations to track you, so maybe the stories I write here will find some soul who appreciates them. :)
I promise to try and fill this blog with fun stories from my bakery. If anyone out there has ever worked in a bakery or kitchen or restaurant for that matter knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about! Everyday is a new adventure with crazy characters and hilariousness. Lord knows my job is not boring! So I hope it brings you as many laughs as it has me.
So here I go, sending my blog out into the endless ocean of the internet.... Hope someone takes a bite!