Wednesday, June 13, 2012


9 months later......
Haha! I'm back to commitment! I guess you could say I get distracted easily, but regardless, here I am again!
I must say, my life today is very different than it was when I first created this blog.
I suppose the two biggest happenings since I last posted was that I am now living in a house with three roommates which has been surprisingly a smooth transition. Being who I am, I tend to freak myself out with anything that might 'rock the boat' in my life. I have always strived to lead a low-key, stress free lifestyle, so the idea of living in a house with three other twenty-something year olds would normally send me running in the opposite direction. But it has been good!
And the second big happening has been me coming out of the closet! Something I truly thought I would never have been able to do! Back at the beginning of the year, I attended a personal development school in Vegas on the suggestion of my older sister. It pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed, and eventually lead to me confronting something I've feared to share with the world for most of my life. Thanks to that, I feel much more comfortable to be present in my life so to speak. I feel like the people I love and care for in my life now know the real me, I no longer have to restrain myself or be afraid of the truth. It's been very freeing. :)
And there you have it, a true update in the life of a Caker Maker. Writing always gives me a level of de-stressing and fufillment, so I'm going to do everything I can to stay on the bandwagon this time around! So stay tuned!

The Caker Maker

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