Thursday, June 14, 2012

"A Marble Cake with Bluejays and Venus Flytraps....."

Today at work, my nephew came in with my sister (his mom), to order his 9th birthday cake....
As with any wide-eyed kid with an imagination, and lofty goals for a birthday bash, he already knew EXACTLY what he wanted. See, my nephew's current obsession has been marbles. He has already accumulated quite the collection which, at the drop of a hat, will show you with great enthusiasm and pride. Although, sometimes in the presence of his house, you will come to discover them on your own whilst walking about and finding your foot stumbling on them by happen-chance.
Anyway, to get to the point, the theme of his birthday is marbles, of all shapes and sizes. I quickly made note in my attentive 'be-the-best-uncle-possible' mind. Usually the theme of the birthday is a giant hint telling you what he wants to get. Past hints including an Army birthday, Pokemon Birthday, Magic (trading card game) etc...
I suggested to him a marble cake would be a perfect fit with the theme of the party which he quickly agreed with, only to backtrack within seconds to ask what that would taste like. He liked the sound of it (of course), and went on to describe his vision of the cake to be covered in marbles, bluejays, and venus flytraps.... My sister and I looked at each other in confusion.
"That sounds great dude, but what do those have to do with marbles"
To which I received my first "oh-my-gosh-you-are-so-old-and-uncool" eye roll.
"*sigh*....Those are kinds of marbles..."
"Oh of course they are! heheh..."
The point of this post is not only document my first experience of being an un-hip dorky uncle, but also to confess that I had a moment today where I actually asked myself, "Where has the time flown??" I still to this day remember vividly the day my nephew came into this world, and here today I had him schooling me in the ways of what the cool kids are doin' these days...
And believe me, I know how lucky I am.... how many uncles get to say they've documented their nephew's birthdays EVERY year with specially made cakes? It was just something that hit me blindside, the fact that he was 9!!
"Are you coming to the waterslides with me and my friends tomorrow??"
"Awwe, I would like nothing more bud. But I gotta work tomorrow. But you'll have fun without me, and I'll get to see you on your ACTUAL birthday!"
"Darn..... well I guess that's okay.. Thanks for making my cake!"
"Anytime dude, have a blast tomorrow!"
......Now I need to figure out exactly what a 'bluejay' and 'venus flytrap' look like......

~The Caker Maker

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  1. I had no idea what those had to do with each other either. I was imagining one very weird and complicated cake.